Best Dog Day care services in Washington dc | Duncan Dog Hotel

The Duncan will offer safe, clean and fun facilities.

Drop off any time in the morning and our curbside attendant will check you in as quickly as possible and get you on your way.


Your buddy will spend the day with his friends in either the Library for smaller and older dogs or the Ballroom for bigger dogs looking to play hard. Every dog will have at least one outdoor walk per day. Nap rooms will be available for those who need a break from the non stop action.


Missing your buddy? Check him out on camera!

We will have cameras in our playroom accessible 24 hours a day on our website.

Work from home but need a break?

We are also happy to offer hourly and half day care for those who work from home or just need temporary coverage.

Our Day


7 AM – 10 AM

Arrival, greeted by attendants, “Sniffapalooza” to meet your fellow guests

10 AM – 4 PM

Structured Play Time with attendant: socialization and agility exercises

11 AM – 3 PM

Outdoor walks. Attendants will take out dogs for a 30 minute outdoor walk

11 AM – 3 PM

Nap Time – after their outdoor walk each dog will be put in a crate for an hour long nap

3 PM

Snack time – Every dog gets one of our home-made treats made from pumpkin, peanut butter and flour.

4 PM - 7 PM

Pick Up Time
Best Dog Day care services in Washington dc | Duncan Dog Hotel

Our Pricing

Great Danes and Chihuahuas same price? We don’t understand either.


We take our day care seriously and want the best experience for every dog. That is why we have extra staff to care for every guest at our hotel and cater to each dog’s needs. That means we have a ballroom for dogs who like to tussle and dance around; a lounge for more petit dogs that often get run over when the big guys play; and a library for older dogs that have had enough of ‘those darn kids’ and just want to sniff a friend or take a nap.


To ensure the same quality experience for every guest we need to staff appropriately. While one staffer can walk 2 or 3 Yorkies, a Great Dane requires one handler to have a safe walk.


Plus at the Duncan you know you are at a well supervised facility. The owner, Tucker, is on site every day checking up. He is so committed he literally lives above the shop – great commute but not great work-life balance.


All new guests will need to complete a free half day ‘Formal Introduction’ to Duncan to assess temperament.

Starter Pack – 3 Day Care days for $99 (First Time Buyers only)

Small Under 20 lbs DISCOUNT Large Over 100lbs SURCHARGE
Day Care $45 $43 $49
Five Pack $190 $181 $210
Ten Pack $370 $351 $407
Twenty Pack $700 $665 $770
Half Day Care (After 12:30 pm) $29 $27.50 $32
Ten Pack $260 $247 $286

Hourly $9

Extra Walk $5

Late Pick Up (after 7:30 pm) Fee $10

Recurring Packages are billed monthly with a credit card on file. Patrons receive a monthly bath, ear cleaning, and nail trimming; priority holiday boarding reservation requests; and discounted boarding rates. Three-month minimum commitment, no partial refunds. Cancelation must occur before next month billed. Recurring patrons can book boarding for an additional $20 per day. Ten-day patrons can use their days for boarding nights (plus $20) or book at $55 per day. 


  • $360 – Ten Day Care Sessions Monday – Friday (No rollover days
  • $342 For dogs under 20 lbs
  • $396 for dogs over $100 lbs
  • Additional days are $35 per day
  • $660 – Unlimited monthly Day Care sessions Monday – Friday
  • $630 For dogs under 20 lbs
  • $725 for dogs over 100lbs