Dog Hotel Customer Attendant

  • Washington, DC
  • Dog Specialist

The DUNCAN is a new dog hotel and day spa looking for employees with good personalities and a love of animals to help us care for our four-legged guests. Attendants will be in charge of greeting pet parents and accepting / delivering their furry children at the beginning and end of their stays. Applicants should have basic computer and social media skills in order to update records and communicate guest updates during their stay.


The DUNCAN is a 24/7 facility so employees should be prepared for early morning or evening shifts depending on need and availability. Attendants will be expected to pitch in for all aspects of a smooth-running facility including, cleaning (especially dog waste), walking dogs, monitoring dog play for safety and providing first class customer service.


We are hiring full-time and part-time employees and offer benefits including paid vacation, healthcare, and retirement programs. Experience with and comfort around animals is a requirement. You must be able to handle dogs of up to 100 lbs. Roles include:


Front desk Attendant

Front desk Attendant will handle incoming calls, keep the schedule current, maintain a list of every guest on site and ensure pet records are up to date.

Walker / Naptime Attendant

Walker / Naptime Attendant will make sure every guest has a daily outdoor walk and a nap during their stay. This person is also in charge of any medication or food that needs to be given during the day.

Salon Assistant

Salon Assistant will greet all dogs coming for grooming appointments. They assist in washing and preparing dogs for grooming. They will assist the Stylists and Stylist Assistants administering treatments and preparing a report for pet parents.

Coming Soon - Dog Stylists

Dog Stylists should have experience cutting and styling dog hair and looking to manage their own styling business as a 1099 employee. Splits are negotiable depending on experience and ability to bring in business.

Curbside Attendant

Curbside Attendant will accept dogs as parents walk in and deliver dogs to pet parents at the end of the day.

Ballroom Attendant

Ballroom Attendant will monitor the large and small dog playrooms dog playtime resolving issues and keeping all guests safe.

Boarding Attendant

Boarding Attendant will make sure every boarding guest has their food morning and night. Their bedding is ready every evening and packed away every morning. Attendant must ensure every guest is cleaned and groomed before pick up and update pet parents on their stay.

Coming Soon - Styling Assistant

Styling Assistant will wash grooming clients, trim nails, and brush teeth. They will assist the Salon Manager in administering specialized treatments.

The DUNCAN is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, national or ethnic origin, disability, as well as any other characteristic protected by federal, provincial or local law. Applicants must be over the age of 18.