The Benefits of Doggie Day Care

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Over the past year you and your dog have become very close. Spending all day curled up on the couch or sleeping nearby has created an expectation of companionship for your pup. . When you start going back to the office, even a few days a week can create separation anxiety.

Dogs have no sense of time. When you leave, they can think that you are leaving forever. Some dogs, especially puppies or young dogs, can express their frustration in many ways including:

  • Aggressive behavior towards new people or other dogs
  • Destruction of your furniture or shoes
  • Urinating or defecating in the house

It is important to train your dog to be comfortable in your absence. Some tricks include turning on the TV or radio when you leave the house or putting them in a crate that becomes their ‘comfort cave.’

The best way to avoid separation anxiety is to bring them to the Duncan. . Our caring staff supervises our playrooms making sure your buddy is never alone. They will spend hours running around with their friends and still get an outdoor walk and a naptime.

Your pup will look forward to their days at The Duncan. If they can’t be with you, you know they will be in good hands.