General Tips

Dog General Care Tips Best Dogcare services in washington dc

Furniture: Dogs see you sitting on the couch and often want to do the same. This can leave dog hair and smells on your brand-new West Elm couch! One solution is to train your pup not to sit on the furniture. If you have a young pup this is a good solution. If that doesn’t work there are a few solutions. (1) buy them a comfy dog bed and put it next to the couch. This will be their go-to when hanging with you; (2) buy leather furniture – this is usually easy to clean and resistant to fur and smells; (3) put a blanket down over the couch which you can take up when the company is over; or buy a couch pad or slipcover. These can be found in all shapes and sizes online and sometimes completely cover the couch protecting is from fur and smells.

Fur Removal: Embarrassed when you show up to work covered in dog fur? Keep some dryer sheets in your desk or car. Rubbing these over your sweater or jacket picks up most fur.

Dog eating too fast? Use a muffin tin or tennis ball. Is your dog suffering from indigestion because they are eating too fast? You can buy expensive bowls or go simple. Put their meal in a muffin tin. They need to slurp up all the food in eat hole before going to the next. OR add a tennis ball to their bowl. They need to move the ball around to get at the food which slows them down.

Arthritic Dog? Does your dog have trouble bending over to eat and drink? Create a raised feeding and water bowl. Buy a kids’ stool or small box and put the bowls on it.

Frozen Treats! Looking for something to cool off Fido on a hot summer day? Create a popsicle! All you need is an ice tray. There are lots of yummy recipes online including beef broth, peanut butter or any food your pup finds tasty. It’s yummy and cools them from the inside.

Alice not eating her pill? Create a pill pocket! Pill pockets are small hollow morsels that you can put the pill in and seal up. Your dog doesn’t realize she is eating that pill. You can make a few every 2 weeks and keep in the fridge when you need to give a pill. Look online for recipes.:

Keep the garbage out of reach. It may seem obvious but keep your garbage away from your dog. Keep trash in a sealed trash bin that cannot be tipped over. Eating trash can be harmful and even deadly for dogs.