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All Roads Lead to THE DUNCAN

Tucker and his family have a long history in DC. His parents met here in college and since his first internship here in the 1980s he has known and loved the city. Following undergrad at Georgetown University, Tucker earned his MBA at ASU’s Thunderbird School of Global Management. His business career included starting a real estate company with his mother, followed by stints at MasterCard, Enron and Fannie Mae. After five years at AARP, Tucker was inspired to start his own business.


Tucker has followed DC neighborhoods for 35 years. He was one of the first buyers in Shaw and saw the neighborhood needed a good liquor store. That venture, G&G Fine Spirits, was the first pet-friendly liquor store on U Street. Tucker’s rescue dog Duncan became the store’s mascot, accompanying Tucker to work every day and acting as chief greeter. During the day he slept quietly under the counter while Tucker served customers.


Work hard.


Enjoy your vacation.


Let your pup have fun with us.

Why a Dog Hotel?

Getting back from a trip a few years ago, Tucker’s dog sitter asked for help incorporating his business. The sitter was walking lots of dogs but lacked a business license and insurance. Tucker researched the laws around pet care, interviewed the DC Department of Health Chief Veterinarian and set up tax IDs for the existing business. Tucker realized how few legal, bonded and insured dog care facilities there were in DC. After offering to partner with his friend, Tucker decided to find an underserved neighborhood and establish a first-class facility for dog care in the District.

The Duncan was born

As he did years ago with Shaw, Tucker looked to meet a need in another up-and-coming neighborhood, NoMa. He is so committed that he, Duncan the Cocker and Izzy the Yorkie moved directly above the shop so no one can accuse him of disturbing the neighbors.


Tucker isn’t doing this alone. He has enlisted the services of his friend, groomer Toyia Robinson of Clean Puppies, to open a grooming salon within his facility. Toyia had been grooming out of people’s houses for years but wanted the opportunity to open her own salon. Many of Tucker’s old crew from G&G had been dog walking for years and offered to come onboard including Jason Becker as a dog trainer and Melina Telavera as class instructor.


When it comes to dogs, Tucker has always been the go to person for his friends. He has hosted over a dozen dogs in his home over the past 10 years. He has a special touch with dogs that make them feel comfortable. Friends even call him to come out at 10 pm to coax their dog from under cars when they are afraid. Now he has combined his entrepreneurial instincts and love of dogs to provide a comprehensive, high-quality pet care facility for NoMa residents.


Come check out The Duncan with your favorite four-legged family member. Duncan and his sister Izzy will be happy to show you around his “office.”